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Makeup mistakes you may be making every day

Makeup mistakes you may be making every day

As much as makeup could be everything to your image, it could also be detrimental if not applied the right way. We commit a lot of these makeup mistakes every day, and that is why we have compiled a list of makeup do’s and don’ts. Check it out below!

Too much concealer

A lot of people make the mistake of applying too much concealer in a bid to have the perfect matte look. This could be the result of choosing the wrong color of concealer, or by applying too much concealer, which gives you an overall older look. A lot of people struggle with the option of either applying the foundation or concealer first. It is better to apply the foundation before the concealer, as it will give you a better, blended look.

Make sure that you don't use too much concealer on a particular area, especially on dark circles because it will definitely age you. There are different types of concealers for different purposes, remember to choose the right ones!

Wrong choice of lipstick tone

Lipsticks are a must have and staple of many makeup looks. Don't ever underestimate the power of a nice shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone. Whether you’re going for a pouty lip or just a light color to accentuate the rest of your makeup, choosing the right tone for your skin is the most important factor.

Applying makeup on dry skin

To ensure that your make up is perfect and lasts longer, your face has to be moisturized. This is one of the most important foundations of makeup that you cannot afford to miss or underestimate to avoid having a face that looks dull and tired.

Too much foundation

The key is to buy a foundation that suits your skin tone perfectly, don't buy a shade of foundation that is lighter or darker than your skin. To ensure a flawless look, always blend your foundation properly and don't forget your ears and neck.

Peeling off false eyelashes

At the end of a glammed up evening, don’t make the mistake of peeling off falsies. If you don't remove them the right way, you could end up ripping out your precious natural eyelashes in between. The best way to remove false eyelashes is to soften the adhesive along your lash line by soaking a Q-tip in an oil-based cleanser while you gently peel off the false lashes without destroying your natural ones.

Even though you may feel like you’re doing everything right, you are probably making one or more of the mistakes mentioned above. Follow our advice above and put your best foot forward!